The Wall
The Wall
The Wall

The Wall

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The Wall teaches hitters the proper bat path, and will stop them from hooking, flaring, and topping balls.


  • External cue forces players to take on the proper bat path, rather than you just telling them to do so until you're blue in the face
  • Caused Aaron Judge to have his first "Aha" moment when working together
  • If players push their hands or get their barrel on plane too late, they'll clip the wall with their bat and get instant feedback on their swing

How It Works

  • 1). Set the tee in the middle of home plate
  • 2). Place The Wall roughly on the inside corner of home plate
  • 3). Create your corner, and then snap and tilt without letting your bat hit the wall when you swing
  • Your barrel should come through the zone parallel to The Wall, rather than horizontally and "across" the baseball 

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