Dual End Flashlight Trainer

Dual End Flashlight Trainer

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This flashlight trainer includes a built-in timing clicker so that hitters can get instant feedback on both the direction of their swing, as well as the depth of their barrel.


  • Will immediately show if a player is tilting properly at launch, versus simply rotating their hips
  • Allows hitters to become their own coach by providing them with the visual and audio cues that they need to learn the high level swing

How It Works

  • Flashlight allows you to track the direction of your swing
  • Clicker lets you know when your barrel is being launched, and where it's being launched from
  • For tee work - make the front light (at the bottom of the tool) go through the ball, and the second light (and your barrel) will follow
  • Light should trace a straight line through the second baseman (for right-handed hitters) or the shortstop (for left-handed hitters) if tilting the lower half properly at launch

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